Why Winter Is The Best Season

Staying warm while traveling is one thing. However, staying warm during the winter is different. Although it is a cold season, personally winter for me is my favourite season of the year.

You Can Build A Snowman

Who doesn’t like building a snowman? Even for adults it is a fun way to connect with friends, family, and people you care about.

It’s not necessarily something that is immature, but it’s a way to feel free about yourself and relive your childhood days!

You Can Dress Up

When it’s summer you can’t put layers of clothes because you’d all be sweaty and hot, however during the winter, you can put on layers and layers of clothes and look fashionable.

During the winter, you can put on layers to stay warm and if you are feeling to hot, you can take some of your clothes off, but when it’s hot you can just decide to cool off, so you have more choice during the winter.

Christmas Time

Most importantly, during the winter, you have Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a time to celebrate and be jolly. Christmas time feels very special to me, because you get to spend time with friends, family, and people that are important to you.

If you are kid, you get presents and gifts, and for adults, you can have the joy of sharing happiness with others.

Maybe it’s just me. Being from Scandinavia, maybe I am more used to the cold and have gotten more accustomed to being in the cold. But, the winter is truly an amazing time of the year!

Staying Warm While Traveling

When you are traveling lightly and as a minimalist, packing bulky clothes inside your suitcase can be a problem. However, there are some ways you can deal with the cold while traveling as light as possible.

Wear Only 1 Thick Coat

You don’t necessarily need a whole bunch of coats, just buy one of the most quality mongolian fur coat and you should be good.

You don’t have to put it in your luggage. Keep it on you and wear it with at all times. If you need to take it off, you can take it off and tie it around your waist. You could use it as a pillow on certain occasions or as a blanket if you will be traveling on a plane or a bus.

There are so many ways you could use your coat as something useful for your trip without it bogging you down.

However, don’t buy a coat that is too thick and bulky. You won’t something in the middle. It should be warm enough for you to wear on most cold nights, but if it gets extra cold, wearing a sweater underneath it should be alright.

Bring a Travel Blanket

You would be surprised by how thin but yet warm most travel blankets have become. Some of the newer designs such as CoolMax have microfiber technology that insulates heat while at the same time being very portable!

These are perfect for minimalist travelers who might need a handy blanket that will keep them warm during long haul flights or just chilly nights.

Get A WindProof Jacket

The reason why a lot of us get cold is because we lose heat to the environment and are not good at putting on clothes that insulate/retain our body heat.

Getting a windproof jacket that doesn’t let air out is a good way to retain your body heat. Try wearing a sports t-shirt a sweater and a windproof jacket out in cold weather. Because your body is insulated, you will remain warm for a much longer time.

Warm Shoes To Keep Your Feet Cozy

warm shoes

Keeping your feet warm and happy is important. However, you need to strike a good balance between warm boots that let airflow vs a heattrap that make your feet stink.

It’s best to research shoes such as Timbalands that are specifically made for colder climates. They have thick soles and sturdy material that will keep your toes warm in the coldest of weathers.

If you prefer, you can get one of those heat packets that you can put in your shoes and gloves. They remain hot for a few hours and if you are taking excursion outside during the cold weather, they should help out some.

19 Cultural facts about Spain you didn’t know

  1. The annual festival “La Tomatina” is a kind of holiday that throws tomatoes at one another.
  2. In Spain, there are approximately 357 thousand night clubs, which means that there is 1 club for every 129 people
  3. It is prohibited to use cars when wearing a pair of sandals.
  4. Unmarried women on the 15th of every year gather in the “Ermita de San Isidro” church and cut their fingers and leave their blood. This means that the mate’s wife will find them.
  5. The children of Catalonia believe that the Christmas tree presents a smile on the face of a painted tree.
  6. In recent times, the world’s highest share of coconut is per capita.
  7. There are two dams in Rome in the 1900s.
  8. Spain has a zipline, sliding 720 meters long and 60 seconds long. Really nice?
  9. During the Great Depression, Spain’s 2013 unemployment rate was higher than in the US.
  10. El Caminito Del Rey, known as the world’s most dangerous mountain road, is located in Spain.
  11. There is no law prohibiting the nakedness of a street.
  12. Spain is the largest tourist destination after France and then America.
  13. Most of the Spanish have sex with the first 13 years of age.
  14. The Sagrada Temple was built in 1880 and is planned to be built for 130 years. This means that it is complete in 2026.
  15. There is a tradition of the Spanish New Year’s Eve “Twelve Grapes” and is a strangely custom-colored grapefruit.
  16. You may have heard the reader read the fairy tales of “Duchess”. The baby sits on the pillow under her pillow to sleep, and she says that this fairy is a gift for her mother’s tooth. In Spain, this tale hero is a rodent.
  17. Spanish basketball players took the gold medal from the 2000 Parachole, and soon afterward, their disability was revealed.
  18. The Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be placed in Barcelona, ​​but the city government opposed it.
  19. The world’s oldest lighthouse is the “Hercules Tower” in Spain and is still in operation.

Stuff to bring with you on you trip

Besides passport, luggage, and other travel accessories here are a few things that can help you enjoy your trip.

Document organizer

Document organizers help you keep all your paperwork in one place. You don’t have to look for where things are and waste time at the airport and worry about what is happening.

Anti-theft packpack

If you are tourist people are going to see that you are not from around the area, which makes you a target for people to rob or mug you. Or pickpocket in most cases. So make sure you have a backpack that is anti-theft. It will keep you belongings safe and secure.

Battery Charger

Having a portable charger is really helpful. When you run out of battery, you can charge your phone and not worry about how you are going to get back to the hotel and what not.

You can find portable chargers for very good price online on Amazon.

Good Boots or Shoes

You need shoes that are comfortable for walking and shoes that can also do a lot of things, like run, hike, look nice etc.

You can read my article on best boots when traveling.

Power adapter

You have to make sure your power adapter is compatible in the country you are visiting. If you don’t have the right plug for your electronics, then maybe you will break them. So be careful!

Should you travel by yourself

people often ask me whether they should travel by themselves or if it’s dangerous if they travel by themselves although this might be a little biased but the truth is that it depends on the way you go and it depends on how you travel.

if you are going to very dangerous places then maybe you should book a tour with a company that is safe and reliable. but most countries that are developed should be safe to visit by yourself.

if you are a girl then yes you should take more precaution to make sure that you don’t end up in dangerous situations.

you have to be aware of your surroundings and who you are hanging out with. but in most places people are nice and friendly and should be able to help you out because you always see bad stuff on the internet and online that try to scare you.

when you are travelling you should always make sure to check out webites that have good information about where you are going and where you’re travelling.

Recommended websites:



so stay safe everybody.

Why I started traveling

From a young age I started adventuring off into the unknown. It was daunting, but I will never forget the experience of my first flight. It was amazing.

Just to see how human technology has gotten us, is just incredible. I remember looking out the window and seeing endless vistas of the majestic.

To be honest, my first travel experiences was not because I wanted to, but because my parents were moving to a different country. So me, having no say whatsoever at all, just ended up following them.

View of Helsinki

I arrived in the weird place in Finland from Kazakhstan. Kazakh culture is very different from Nordic countries, so it was something to get used to. Surprisingly I did come across some Finns who looked a bit similar to me, although I look moreso Asian, but Finland does have the history of having some Asian influence.

However, as an adult now, having traveled to over 20 countries, I look back at my experiences fondly and cherish the first time I got on a plane.

Now Finland is a weird country, but my dad was offered a scholarship to study at Finland and ever since then we have settled there.

I don’t know what to consider myself. Ethnically Kazakh, but I feel moreso Finn at heart. But I think that is the beauty of travel, you don’t necessarily get tied down with nationality or where you are born.

Once you start traveling the world opens up and things make sense.

Stay tuned for the next post.

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