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Staying Warm While Traveling

When you are traveling lightly and as a minimalist, packing bulky clothes inside your suitcase can be a problem. However, there are some ways you can deal with the cold while traveling as light as possible.

Wear Only 1 Thick Coat

You don’t necessarily need a whole bunch of coats, just buy one of the most quality mongolian fur coat and you should be good.

You don’t have to put it in your luggage. Keep it on you and wear it with at all times. If you need to take it off, you can take it off and tie it around your waist. You could use it as a pillow on certain occasions or as a blanket if you will be traveling on a plane or a bus.

There are so many ways you could use your coat as something useful for your trip without it bogging you down.

However, don’t buy a coat that is too thick and bulky. You won’t something in the middle. It should be warm enough for you to wear on most cold nights, but if it gets extra cold, wearing a sweater underneath it should be alright.

Bring a Travel Blanket

You would be surprised by how thin but yet warm most travel blankets have become. Some of the newer designs such as CoolMax have microfiber technology that insulates heat while at the same time being very portable!

These are perfect for minimalist travelers who might need a handy blanket that will keep them warm during long haul flights or just chilly nights.

Get A WindProof Jacket

The reason why a lot of us get cold is because we lose heat to the environment and are not good at putting on clothes that insulate/retain our body heat.

Getting a windproof jacket that doesn’t let air out is a good way to retain your body heat. Try wearing a sports t-shirt a sweater and a windproof jacket out in cold weather. Because your body is insulated, you will remain warm for a much longer time.

Warm Shoes To Keep Your Feet Cozy

warm shoes

Keeping your feet warm and happy is important. However, you need to strike a good balance between warm boots that let airflow vs a heattrap that make your feet stink.

It’s best to research shoes such as Timbalands that are specifically made for colder climates. They have thick soles and sturdy material that will keep your toes warm in the coldest of weathers.

If you prefer, you can get one of those heat packets that you can put in your shoes and gloves. They remain hot for a few hours and if you are taking excursion outside during the cold weather, they should help out some.


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