19 Cultural facts about Spain you didn’t know

  1. The annual festival “La Tomatina” is a kind of holiday that throws tomatoes at one another.
  2. In Spain, there are approximately 357 thousand night clubs, which means that there is 1 club for every 129 people
  3. It is prohibited to use cars when wearing a pair of sandals.
  4. Unmarried women on the 15th of every year gather in the “Ermita de San Isidro” church and cut their fingers and leave their blood. This means that the mate’s wife will find them.
  5. The children of Catalonia believe that the Christmas tree presents a smile on the face of a painted tree.
  6. In recent times, the world’s highest share of coconut is per capita.
  7. There are two dams in Rome in the 1900s.
  8. Spain has a zipline, sliding 720 meters long and 60 seconds long. Really nice?
  9. During the Great Depression, Spain’s 2013 unemployment rate was higher than in the US.
  10. El Caminito Del Rey, known as the world’s most dangerous mountain road, is located in Spain.
  11. There is no law prohibiting the nakedness of a street.
  12. Spain is the largest tourist destination after France and then America.
  13. Most of the Spanish have sex with the first 13 years of age.
  14. The Sagrada Temple was built in 1880 and is planned to be built for 130 years. This means that it is complete in 2026.
  15. There is a tradition of the Spanish New Year’s Eve “Twelve Grapes” and is a strangely custom-colored grapefruit.
  16. You may have heard the reader read the fairy tales of “Duchess”. The baby sits on the pillow under her pillow to sleep, and she says that this fairy is a gift for her mother’s tooth. In Spain, this tale hero is a rodent.
  17. Spanish basketball players took the gold medal from the 2000 Parachole, and soon afterward, their disability was revealed.
  18. The Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be placed in Barcelona, ​​but the city government opposed it.
  19. The world’s oldest lighthouse is the “Hercules Tower” in Spain and is still in operation.

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